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Unlock exciting real estate investment opportunities in Prague and simplify your property search with Kotula Real Estate Agency! Discover our customized buyer’s agent services and tap into our unmatched expertise in the Czech Republic’s real estate market. Let Kotula Real Estate agency guide you to your dream property with a personalized touch. 

If you’re thinking about buying real estate in Prague, Czech Republic, then you’ve come to the right place. To make your property search as successful as it can be, it’s essential to have a dedicated property buyer’s agent who understands the local market and has your best interests at heart.


At Kotula Real Estate, as Prague locals, we know the city like the back of our hand. We are well-versed in the upsides and potential pitfalls of Prague living, property ownership, and real estate investment. With us as your trusted local agent, you can confidently start your journey to finding the perfect property.

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Discovering the
‘City of a Hundred

A tailored property sourcing service to meet your unique needs

Whether you’re searching for an apartment in Prague’s historic centre, a weekend getaway retreat, a countryside holiday home, or even your own castle or vineyard, our property buyer’s agent service is customized to match your unique needs. We understand that every property search is different, and we’re here to guide you at every step.


At Kotula Real Estate, our specialty lies in streamlining the buying process for you as much as we can, We typically help our customers reduce the time spent on their property search more than two thirds!


This efficiency increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time when your dream property becomes available. We have extensive experience sourcing properties and accessing off-market opportunities, making suure thatthat no stone is left unturned in your hunt for the ideal Prague real estate investment.

Why would you need a Prague buyer’s agent?

Gone are the days when you could rely solely on traditional estate agents in Prague for all the accurate information needed to find and purchase property. Often, these agents prioritize sellers’ interests, aiming for the highest possible price. At Kotula Real Estate, our focus is solely on you. We work directly for your benefit, ensuring you receive the fairest and most affordable property prices.


Navigating Prague’s real estate market, especially for foreigners, can be intricate. That’s why having an experienced agent by your side is crucial to avoid costly mistakes. When embarking on your property search in Prague, choosing a Prague buyer’s agent just makes sense. Trust us to be your dedicated guide, providing the expertise you need for a smooth and cost-effective property transaction.

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Our experienced team of buyer’s agents is ready to assist you in your property journey, helping you make well-informed decisions every step of the way. We are dedicated to making your Prague real estate journey as smooth and successful as possible.

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If you’re looking to buy real estate in Prague or the surrounding Czech Republic, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Kotula Real Estate. We’ll make the process of purchasing a home or investment property hassle-free, and even enjoyable!

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Contact us to arrange a free 45-minute consultation. We’ll examine your specific property requirements, including real estate investment, to understand your needs and ensure we can deliver them. If we’re the right fit to work together, our buyer’s agent service will help you make a successful and rewarding property purchase.