Sale of real estate

Your Real Estate Sale Action Plan


Meeting with you in person helps me understand your unique sales needs. We can design a plan for your sale, and answer your questions on the spot.

We will assess your property and determine the best way of selling and offering it on the market.


We will explain the transfer process and all the activities related to it.


We will answer all of your questions regarding the sale of real estate.

We will prepare a price analysis based on real sales data in order to choose the right price strategy.


We will verify the tax obligations of the transfer and suggest optimizations to give you the best outcome.


We will design, and, if necessary, carry out modifications to the property to make it as attractive as possible to buyers.


We will review the legal status of the property, propose modifications where necessary, and arrange their implementation.


We will prepare a sales and marketing plan to get you the fastest possible sale at the best price.


We will create a portfolio complete with all the documentation required for the property so that it is ready for interested buyers.


We will verify all aspects of the sale and prepare everything necessary to sell the property as soon as possible and for the highest price.


Our real estate marketing experts will create a marketing plan that showcases your property in the best possible way to create excitement and interest among potential buyers. 

We will perform homestaging of the property, which includes the professional preparation of the property for presentation to buyers, including decorations, appropriate furniture, etc.


We will photograph the property with a professional photographer.


We will create a professional video tour including drone shots, this is especially valuable for family houses and plots of land.


We will create a 3D virtual tour using Matterport technology (used primarily for apartments and family houses).


We will create professional presentation of the property’s floor plan.


We will create a complete description of the property in Czech, English and Russian language.


We will carefully go over the photos, videos and presentation of your property with you to get your final approval before internet advertising begins.


We will create an offer sheet for the property with labels and high-quality photos.


We publish advertisements on the most visited
internet portals in the Czech Republic.


We will create an advertisement for the property on Facebook and target the right groups of interested parties.


We will publish the video of the property on YouTube and set keywords so that interested buyers can easily find the video in YouTube’s search engine.


We identify additional groups of potential interested parties and target them through other forms of marketing including letters, emails, advertisements, and flyers.


We share property details with our established network of interested individuals before the formal advertising period begins, providing them with an exclusive opportunity to preview the property.


We reach out to brokers who have similar properties in the same area, coordinating collaboration based on the preferences and requirements of the interested parties.

We keep a record of everyone interested in real estate and gather important information from them to guide our next steps.

Our property tours are led by knowledgeable experts who can address all potential queries from buyers.

You’ll receive weekly updates on the sales progress at an agreed-upon time.

We regularly assess the sales progress and suggest potential adjustments in marketing or pricing strategies.

For serious real estate applicants, we will assess their financial capability to ensure they can afford the purchase price of your property.


During this stage of the sale, our focus is to encourage the potential buyer commit to the purchase or put forward their best offer for your property.


To ensure a successful sale, we coordinate the transfer process to align with both the buyer’s and your interests, documenting every detail in the contract documentation.

When dealing with a genuinely interested party, we take the necessary time to carefully plan the entire purchase process before any contracts are signed.


We’ll draft a reservation contract tailored to meet all the crucial conditions of the sale, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your requirements and the buyer’s needs. This tripartite contract involves the buyer, you, and Realitní Kancelář KOTULA.


Throughout the process, we offer comprehensive support and guidance to the buyer, especially when they are applying for a mortgage loan.

We offer quality legal services through collaboration with a law firm specializing in real estate transfers.


Our services include the provision of secure attorney escrow or bank escrow, managing deposits and withdrawals from escrow.


We take care of all submissions to the relevant land register and handle subsequent communication with the authorities.


We closely monitor the transfer process to the real estate cadastre, keeping the contracting party informed about the progress.


Ensuring a smooth handover, we transfer all contracts and the property to the buyer.


The finalization of the transaction entails crafting transfer contracts and supervising every phase, starting from contract signing, progressing through the payment process, and culminating in the ultimate handover.